Level 3: Channel Your Next Step

Next Step Reiki™ are courses that build on your Reiki training and teach you skills to discover your conscious intentions, manifest them through conscious action so you can live a conscious life by Colleen and Robyn Benelli.

Whether you are continuing your personal or professional development, this course is for those who want to dive deeper into their Reiki Journey and advanced practitioner skills!

Pre Req: Level 2: Live Your Next Step

$1800 or $150/mo for 12 months

Live class details:
-Class days: Thursdays
-Class time: 8:30am – 11:30am Pacific Time
-Class dates: Jan. 13, Feb. 10, Mar. 10, Mar. 31 – Q & A, April 14, May 12, June 16 , June 23 – Q & A, July 7, Aug 11, Sept 15, Sept 29 – Q & A, Oct. 13, Nov. 10, Dec. 1 – Q & A, Dec. 8

The course can also be done as self-study and recordings will be posted after the live classes. Class recordings will be posted within 72 hours of the live class.

Module 1

  • What is channeling?
  • The foundations of channeling.
  • How to Channel Reiki sessions for others out loud.

Module 2

  • What is the spiritual energy or beings are you channeling?
  • Channeling from the different heavens for others.
  • Channeling spirit guides for others. 

Module 3

  • Discernment when channeling for others.
  • Reveal your authentic authority. 
  • Authority of the light of Reiki. 

Module 4

  • Mediumship for others. 
  • Introduction to mediumship.
  • Channeling mediumship in sessions for others. 

Module 5

  • Mediumship continued.
  • Continue building mediumship skills.
  • Continue channeling mediumship sessions for others.  

Module 6

  • Guided Reiki journey to the reflection pool to reflect on you. 
  • How have things changed?
  • Who you are and your authentic self.

Module 7

  • Channel your authentic voice.
  • Heal your blocks to your own voice.
  • Channel client sessions, heal their blocks, and help them reveal their truth. 

Module 8

  • Channel the authority of your voice.
  • Learn to heal disempowerment.
  • Reveal an empowered voice. 

Module 9 

  • Channel your leadership. 
  • What does authentic leadership look like to you?
  • Learn to help others channel their leadership. 

Module 10

  • Channel your inner teacher. 
  • What does teacher mean to you? Is it personal, professional, self? 
  • Learn to help others channel their inner teacher. 

Module 11 

  • Deep understanding of your Next Step Reiki journey. 
  • Skills, psychic development, intuition, inner awareness, higher consciousness. 
  • Soul Reveal techniques and skills. 

Module 12

  • Course completion and reflection journey.
  • Celebrate you!

Q&A and Sharing Sessions:

Have 4 group sessions within the course that are dedicated to sharing experiences and asking Colleen and Robyn questions.

All levels of the Next Step Reiki Training classes are a year-long commitment to your personal and professional development. Each class meets monthly for 12 months with four Q & A sessions. You are welcome to pay the class tuition in full or make 12 monthly payments.

With registration, you agree to the following:

  • I agree to pay the 12 month Next Step Reiki Training class tuition in full or in 12 monthly payments. 
  • I agree that if I cancel the class without prior arrangement, I will be charged the remainder of class tuition.