Level 1: Discover Your Next Step

You’ve taken a Reiki Class… Now What?

✦ Learn Reiki Journey techniques to reveal your full potential, empower your life, and take your Reiki practice to the next level.

✦ Reveal your authentic self and discover your true purpose with Reiki through Reiki journeying, revealing your intuition, and guided journeys by Colleen and Robyn. 

✦ Learn, be mentored, and have interactive class time with Colleen and Robyn who have over 35 years combined experience with Reiki and Shamanism.

Pre-Req: Reiki 1 & 2

Cost: $175/month or $2100/12 months

Class details:
-Online via Zoom
-Class days: Thursdays
-Class time: 1:00-4:30pm Pacific Time
-Class dates (Course can also be done as self-study): Jan. 13, Feb. 10, Mar. 10, Mar. 31 – Q & A, April 14, May 12, June 16 , June 23 – Q & A, July 7, Aug 11, Sept 15, Sept 29 – Q & A, Oct. 13, Nov. 10, Dec. 1 – Q & A, Dec. 8

The course can also be done as self-study and recordings will be posted after the live classes. Class recordings will be posted within 72 hours of the live class.


Module 1: Reiki Journey Techniques for Yourself

  • Learn Reiki journey techniques to access realms of spiritual consciousness not easily achieved in your ordinary mind.
  • The common intention of a Reiki journey is to obtain inner guidance, information, healing, and empowerment from a higher source of consciousness.
  • Learn how to use a Reiki Journey to discover the answers to your questions and receive divine solutions to practical problems.
  • We’ll guide you on a beautiful Reiki journey with automatic writing techniques to discover your next step with Reiki.

Module 2: Your Intuition Style

  • The “Clair senses,” and which ones are yours. You’ve heard of clairvoyant but did you know there are other ”claire” senses and styles of intuition? Learn the other 8 and which one best describes you.
  • We will go on a Reiki journey into your inner guidance to discover your intentions for your next step. and heal any resistance.
  • Reiki on the fly. Reiki skills for your busy life!

Module 3: Listening Skills to Empower Inner Guidance

  • Use Reiki to hear your inner and spiritual guidance.
  • Learn Reiki skills to listen to develop active and divine listening abilities.
  • Listen to both your head and heart in your decisions.
  • Ask and you shall receive. Watch how your life unfolds when you open up and receive.
  • Reiki journey to empower your ability to receive and heal the blocks about receiving money for your Reiki practice.

Module 4: Distance Journey’s for Others

  • Learn to use Reiki journeys for others and take your Distance Reiki sessions to a whole new level.
  • Help others heal, be empowered, and reveal their highest potential.
  • Automatic writing techniques for distance Reiki.

Module 5: Conscious Choice

  • Advance your journey skills and your automatic writing in this long guided journey that reveals your divine intentions, solutions, actions, choices, and manifestations. As well as the steps you need to take to make them happen in your everyday life.
  • Merge your divine nature with your human nature.
  • Reveal authentic self, gifts, and talents, to make the highest vibrational conscious choices for your true alignment and potential.

Module 6: Reflection

  • You’ve been through a huge transformation in this class. You divinely ask where are you now? What has changed? What has stayed the same? What is your next step now?

Module 7: Move from messy middle to clarity

  • Identify priorities – daily to someday in your Spiritual life, physical health, work, relationships, finances, home
  • Combine Reiki with The One Thing focusing on the question of your next step conscious action
  • Reiki Journey: What do you want to manifest in all of these categories, intention mapping

Module 8: Values

  • Money and Success Consciousness
  • Limiting beliefs, Gifts, and Talents
  • Reiki Journey: Thoughtform unraveling and empowerment

Module 9: Your Life’s purpose

  • Beyond what you do each day
  • Your spirits intention for this lifetime
  • Reiki Journey: Journey deep inside your spirit, reveal your life’s purpose, and your spiritual gifts and talents

Module 10: Your Life’s purpose expressed in daily life

  • Reveal how you already live your life’s purpose in your daily life
  • Reveal your human gifts and talents, how you utilize them each day
  • Next action steps

Module 11: Learn Advanced Journey Techniques for others

  • How journeying for others benefits you
  • Distance Reiki Sessions / Journey for others
  • Interview clients
  • Introduction to invocations
  • Impressions / channeling through automatic writing

Module 12: More Advanced Journey Techniques for others

  • Distance Reiki Sessions / Journey for others
  • Reiki Journey Intention for others – Thought from unraveling and empowerment
  • What limits you, what empowers you?

Q&A and Sharing Sessions:

4 group sessions within the course are dedicated to sharing experiences and asking Colleen and Robyn questions.

All levels of the Next Step Reiki Training classes are a year-long commitment to your personal and professional development. Each class meets monthly for 12 months with four Q & A sessions. You are welcome to pay the class tuition in full or make 12 monthly payments.

With registration you agree to the following:

  • I agree to pay the 12 month Next Step Reiki Training class tuition in full or in 12 monthly payments. 
  • I agree that if I cancel the class without prior arrangement, I will be charged the remainder of class tuition.